Pido Dida Series

A Movie Tribute

Whenever I feel sad or I need to boost something, I go to a local cable channel, hoping to get a good laugh. I would grab the remote and immediately flip the buttons to its designated channel and enjoy whatever movie that's showing.

But not all of the times I get what I want. So I turn to torrents and Youtube for some other great laughs. But I want a Filipino comedian that doesn't fail to make me laugh. And there is this movie that has been tagged to him up until his death...

Pido Dida Trilogy

This movie stars the late Rene Requiestas and the simple and young then, Kris Aquino. The story is about two orphans that treated each other as siblings but they realized that they are more than that.

This movie did not fail to make me laugh. Ever.

Even tough I already know the punchlines, what will happen in the next scenes and others, still it will make me laugh all throughout the movie. Its as if I'm watching it for the frst time.

Rene Requiastas character, Pido, never fails too make me giggle and laugh with his naughty punchlines. Sometimes, I want to be like him when it comes to making people laugh. His diversity and simple jokes are the best. Salute to him.

Kris Aquino, on the other hand, is just plain sweet and simple. I did not expect her to be a bitch just like what she is now. Oh well, I admired the movie and not her.

The supporting cast as well gave justice to the movie. They all made the movie more enjoyable because of their funny antics and deliberate jokes that will make people laugh. This movie is a must see for generation 2000 and beyond.

Its a must see movie if you're a Filipino. I will make sure that you will laugh you're ass out. The simple jokes are the best.


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