Michelle Aldana

Where The Hell Is She?!

I will be starting a new series that will concentrate on finding Filipina beauties that has left our imagination hanging. Those women that was missing in action for quite some time.

They maybe got hitched and living a life of peace. Away from the prying public eyes. Or they may just be here and quit the limelight of show business.

I have many Filipinas in mind that are truly missed and hopefully I can meet them through this blog. And we'll start the ball rolling by completing the phrase "Where the hell is..."

Michelle Aldana

Just a quick information, Michelle Aldana was a former host, actress and beauty queen. She hosted the defunct noon time show "Chibugan Na" and debuted on her full length film "Segurista". She also won the Mutya Ng Pilipinas and Miss Asia Pacific International.

Michelle Aldana is the embodiment of a Filipina. Tall, morena and beautiful. She has this doe eyes that really look nice and a smile that would kill the fiercest man. She also has this squared jaw that are very sweet to look at. Almost perfect face.

And you can't deny as well that she has a svelte figure that is very, very sexy. Just assets that are perfect for her figure. Really hot.

Unfortunately, for us men, she's married and has a family. According to her Facebook account she's now resides in South Africa managing a ranch together with her hubby. I hope I can search the internet for her beautiful and gorgeous photos. Just a few are appearing on search results.

Hopefully we can see more of Michelle Aldana again. But I'm not sure if that's anywhere from now and eternity. Judging from the photos I saw, she's happy with her life now. But I'm still an optimistic person.


Photo is from Michelle Aldana's Facebook account.

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