Kate Beckinsale

The Darklady

Many of us men want women that has a dark side. It seems that when we see a woman that outspoken her dark side, we automatically delve and understand her. We're so fascinated about a woman with secrets in her heart

But not with our next 9MM Girl. Although she has this brand that she is dark with the films she's done, I know that she's still an angel both at heart and mind.

She recently turned 40 but she still looks pretty younger. And that only proves that age is just a number.

Kate Beckinsale

Kathrin Romary Beckinsale is an English actress. Her greatest movies were "Underworld Trilogy", "Serendipity", "Pearl Harbor" and "Van Helsing" among others. She is also did modelling stints for Gap and Diet Coke.

Her beauty is so much timeless. Even she is in her forties, she doesn't look like one. Her face still gleams like a teen with an adult attitude.

But don't forget her figure. She still knocks out men's imagination with her killer ass. Firm and fine, she's one of those celebrities that has it as a gift from above. Not too big and not too small either.

I don't know why most of her films are dark-world based. Maybe because she has an angelic face and body but a devil like attitude which defines most about her. I don't know.

Hopefully, a rightful man would be able to give our Kate Beckinsale the future she is longing for. If I was not married, I would really apply as her man. Who knows? I might get lucky.


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