Joey De Leon

Premiere Comedian

I've been a fan, for the longest time, of comedy. I like to laugh at jokes and the delivery of it. Its a talent that is given to few.

For me I'm trying to perfect my skills when it comes to delivering jokes. There are people that are good at it and they never really knew that they are born comedians. And I admire those people.

But this person that I will give tribute to is an expert. He is one of the people I admire when it comes to delivering laughter to people...

Joey De Leon

Born as Jose Maria Ramos De Leon, is a Filipino host and comedy actor. He is a member of the comedy trio, Tito, Vic and Joey and hosts the noontime show Eat Bulaga. He was also a songwriter and was a member of the group VST and Co.

Joey De Leon's deliverance of jokes are sometimes not that funny but most of the time, its the opposite. He will give you something that you won't forget because you laughed at it.

His ideas are also unique. That's the reason he jot it down immediately whenever an idea comes into mind. I actually mimicked that habit whenever an idea comes into my mind.

Joey De Leon is also not afraid of being himself. He speaks out his mind and he doesn't care who will be affected. Because that's who he is. Sometimes, his jokes are green but of course, Filipinos love green jokes.

His movies that are under his belt (out of the Tito, Vic and Joey movies) proved that he can be as versatile comedian as he can. He dominated the local movie industry for almost 5 years with different roles.

For Joey De Leon, your works and achievements has been recognized. You are one of the pillars of Filipino comedy. I salute you, brother.


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