Jessy Mendiola

Pure White

White usually symbolizes purity and cleanliness.

Many of our 9MM Girls that were featured here have their skin tone as their asset. Read my article about Francine Prieto. She's the epitome of luminosity of a Filipina.

And to think Filipinas are usually "kayumanggi" and its only unnatural that there are those who are light-skinned. Unless they are taking some medications or had injected a dose of skin lighteners to get whiter. Or had mixed ancestors.

Then again, another Filipina bares her lighter skin even more. With a couple of shows that has been under her belt, she has been noticed with her hot bod and and her complexion. Here she is...

Jessy Mendiola

Born as a Sagittarius, Jessy started her career as one of the ABS CBN's Star Magic batch 18. Her fame came when she played the starring role in the afternoon soap, "Sabel" and the infamous "Maria Mercedes". She is also an appointed as the Honorary Ambassador of the Korean Tourism by the Korean Tourism Organization.

Absolutely one of the celebrities that has a clear and white complexion than any other artists. She was endowed with this purity and she glows like light.

Jessy got the nicest smile enough to melt the fiercest of heart. Though her beauty may be a bit ordinary but it was well compensated with her smile.

She had evolved to a hot young woman. Her almost perfect body is undeniably irresistible to us men, including me. When Jessy posed for a men's magazine, I literally drooled on her photos.

Jessy Mendiola has definitely come of age. And many men will be trying to get her and take her as their prized possession. I don't blame them because when you have her, it is more than winning the lotto jackpot prize.


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