The Ultimate Warrior

In Memoriam

My father said that wrestling is and always be scripted. They don't even have swells and blood even if they bust each other out for hours. I didn't believe him then. All I care was looking up to these wrestlers as heroes.

I don't care what other people say. As long as I'm entertained that's all that matters.

World Wrestling Entertainment had made men's viewing of the show like a soap opera. The drama and action makes men and some women go over gaga at the twists of the feuds created by the owners. Myself included.

But another of the talents had left us and joined the other great legends such as the Macho Man. I know this is kinda late bt nonetheless deserving tribute to one of the greatest of WWE...

Ultimate Warrior
1959 - 2014

Born as James Hellwig, has been a wrestler for both WWE and WCW. He was the only wrestler in history of the company to hold the WWF Championship and Intercontinental Championship at the same time.

Warrior died on April 8 2014, after being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame, appearing in Wrestlemania XXX and WWE Raw. According to sources, it was a heart attack that caused his death.

The Ultimate Warrior was, no doubt, a crowd favorite at the start of his career in WWE (previously WWF). he was an instant hero for all of us. His moves and actions are very distinguishable as a hero. Even though it was short lived, it was one of the best times in WWE history.

Whenever he has a match, I always make sure to watch those matches even if it was past my bed time. I was shocked when I heard the false rumor that he died because his muscles popped out when he slammed Andre The Giant. I was glad it was just a hoax story.

His signature moves like the overhead body slam and the shaking of ropes are undeniably crowd pleasers. It electrifies the audience and be jolted to cheer him in every fight.

We always imitate him whenever we play our wrestling games when we were young. And we enjoyed every part of it.

To the Ultimate Warrior, may you rest in peace. Thank you for the best memories of my childhood. You were one or our heroes. 9MM-zine salutes you.


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