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Filipinas are one of the finest beauties in the world. They top among several pageants and beauty contests in the world. If there is someone that would be the most beautiful in the universe, I'm sure that Pinays are one of them.

But how come they do not conquer the most elegant of these pageants? I mean Pinays have the looks, but do we need to enhance our candidates' ability to answer questions? I know, that every beauty queen should be speaking English, but is it time for us to have an interpreter?

Our 9MM Girl doesn't need one. She claimed her glory and prestige by her looks and brains. She is none other than...

Megan Young

A piscean, Megan Young is an actress, host and VJ. She started her career as one of the contestants of the reality show Starstruck. Her rise to fame came when she won the 2013 Miss World beauty pageant. She is the first Filipina to win the prestigious crown.

She also starred in Misibis Bay along side with another 9MM Girl, Ritz Azul.

Megan ramped the catwalk oozing with confidence and sex appeal. She has this unique beauty and smile that only she can make. Even the raging beast could not resist her beauty.

Her almost perfect body and abs are her assets that are undeniably irresistible. Her curves are sweetly proportioned to her well toned body. Her long but tight legs accentuate her fine and sexy bod.

Aside from the physical aspects, Megan is also a talented woman. She acted and hosted different TV shows and even became a VJ for a music channel. Even before she won the Miss World title, she was already being groomed to be a hot and beautiful woman.

So to the Miss World, Megan Young, even if you didn't win the said pageant, you are still a winner for us here on 9MM Blogzine. But we are glad you won.


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