Gun Slinging Movie Tribute

"It's strange how pulling a trigger is easier than playing the guitar. Easier to destroy, than to create."
- El Mariachi
Whenever I watch or hear about something Mexico, I always think about hot women, spanish speakers and hot weather. I know that this is not always the case but this is what their movies are presenting.

Take for example, From Dusk Til Dawn, it did not rain for the entire duration of the movie thus supporting my claim of hot weather. There are a lot of hot women, which the bar had many of. And Although they did not speak Spanish there, it clearly shows that they can speak it naturally.

But I want to give another page of my blog to a movie that has all common with Mexicans. Hot woman, Spanish speaking and hot weather.


Written, produced and directed by Robert Rodriguez, this film stars Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Cheech Marin, Dany Trejo, Steve Buscemi and others that are somewhat has Mexican or Spanish descent. It is actually the second installment of the El Mariachi Trilogy that ended with "Once Upon A Time In Mexico".

I love the gunfight scene at the bar. It is a unique way to show gun fights among the actors especially Banderas (Mariachi). He handled the scenes so smoothly and with some expertise of the guns and how he killed them with his gun slinging talent.

Salma Hayek provided the hot part of the movie as Carolina. She dresses as if its always summer in that town. With a skimpy dress, she almost killed the men in the movie with cars bumping to each other. She was also great in the bed and love scenes and stands out from other sex scenes.

The supporting casts like Buscemi and Trejo gave the humor and creepiness of the story. Although indirectly, Buscemi delivered some humor so as not to bore the audience. Trejo left a mysterious yet action packed scene wherein he easily killed people with guns just using his knives.

I also liked the scenes from the gunfight at the rooftop and the showdown wherein the band mates of Banderas showcased some unique artillery. A guitar case which turns out to be a rocket launcher and guitar cases with built in machine guns.

Desperado for me is the best part of the trilogy. But I'm still gonna watch the third part(again) just to judge if its any better. Although Johnny Depp (one of my favorite actors) almost got the full credit for the movie, I wanted to connect the story from Desperado.

I strongly recommend this movie for its action packed, gunfights and stunts.


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