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I know several people that are planning to be married this year. This year could be a good year to be married or there is another reason to do so.

There is Iya Villania, who is one of our 9MM Girls, that already got married. And a couple of her friends are already doing preparations for their wedding. I'm pretty sure that they are having the same stress I had when I had mine. Unless of course they have the money to pay coordinators.

Anyway, I'll be featuring another girl that would list as one of our 9MM Girl. And before she tie the knot with a fellow rocker, here she is...


Born as an Aries, Karylle Tatlonghari is the daughter of Divine Diva, Zsazsa Padilla. A singer, actress and TV host are among her prowess. She entered Philippine show business as a singer. She recorded 4 albums including the song "Mahiwagang Puso". This song was used in the hit fantaserye "Encatadia" which she starred as Sang'gre Alena.

She also starred in several movies like "Ang Agimat" and "Mano Po" among others.

With so many projects under her belt, Karylle's performance was not for naught. She was given several awards by many award giving bodies making her one of the best.

Talented and sexy best describes Karylle. If you're going to her Wikipedia account, you'll know what I'm talking about aside from the ones I mentioned above.

What I like most about her is her appeal and sexiness. Her beauty stands out and showing her mother's very fine genetics. Her simplicity is just showing how beautiful Filipinas are.

But her figure cannot be denied. Her complexion is so smooth and tanned. Aside from her obvious curvaceous figure, she also have these fine long legs that goes on forever. And don't forget, Karylle has also one of the sexiest bums around.

No wonder Yael of Sponge Cola is so in love with her. You're one lucky man. Definitely, you got yourself a good package in Karylle.


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