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I am a huge fan of The Ghostbusters franchise. They were a great part of my childhood and I look at them as my personal heroes.

Actually, I have collected as many collectibles as I can. I collected several of their comics and bought DVD copy of their movies. I also watched their animated TV series.

Those are one of my favorite childhood memories.

But then again, all things come to an end. Just like our man in this article..

Harold Ramis
1944 - 2014

Harold Ramis is Egon Spengler in the hit movie The Ghostbusters and The Ghostbusters II.He specialized in writing and directing comedy and sci-fi films.

Ramis died on February 24 due to a complication from autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis.

I barely knew him except in the movie Ghostbusters. His character, Egon Spengler, is my favorite character in the said movie. When I was a kid, I always imitate him with the glasses and how he was the most bright and intelligent Ghostbuster.

I was also surprised when he did an appearance in the movie, Airheads. He was the record producer that was dissed off by the trio when they learned that he was a policeman.

To Harold Ramis, thank you for your contributing to my childhood. Thanks for the Ghostbusters. I will try to watch your other movie "Groundhog Day".

I salute you Harold! May you rest in peace.


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