Tado Jimenez

In Memoriam

Whenever a young person is being taken away from this world, I always think that that person is a good person. I mean he/she already fulfilled and served his/her purpose here on Earth.

They never get to do more because they died young. Many of them died either because of a serious disease or met a deadly accident. Great persons like Francis M and Karl Roy died at their middle ages. While Dolphy died of old age.

And another important (at least for me and some others) person was taken from us...

Tado Jimenez
1974 - 2014

Born as Arvin Jimenez, he entertained us as Tado in the cult show StrangeBrew. An magazine show aired at UnTV together with Angel Rivero as Erning. He did different stints as a DJ for the BrewRATs, a businessman of the shirt line LimiTADO and activist for different political causes.

Tado died in a bus accident on February 7 2014. He was survived by his wife and four daughters.

I learned about Tado from my brother while he was watching SrangeBrew. I asked him who was that funny looking geek who delivered the line -- "Erning, ihanda ang auto!" He responded with "Tado!"


I didn't know that he was serious about the name and not about cursing me. And from then on, I make it a point that I watch the show.

I always laugh whenever he delivers his out of this world questions like -- "Sa tinagal tagal nyo na nagtitinda ng taho, sino ang favorite nyong love team?", and others that the interviewee just snickers a grin at him.

I haven't bought his book yet and haven't read any reviews of it until now.

Anyway, I salute the person and not the celebrity. He has different advocacies and causes that he support. Even if I haven't had the chance to meet him, I know he is a good man.

So to you, Tado, rest in peace. May the Almighty GOD keep you in heaven for I know you have done your purpose here.


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