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Punk is not dead. Just sleeping. I know. I'm a punk in attitude.

But our subject for this article is not only punk in nature. He also embraced ska and reggae. The last time I heard of him is his music about the Rastafari.

There is nothing wrong about it. I know he made the right decision. And millions of Filipino people heard reggae music for the first time and he started it all.

Dominic "Papadom" Gamboa

1966 - 2013

Papadom started out his musical career with the punk band Betrayed but he was known to introduce reggae music in the Philippines. He founded the band Tropical Depression and shared his music with us through "Kapayapaan" and "Bilog Na Naman Ang Buwan".

Papadom died of kidney failure at 47 years old.

I remembered that the first time I heard their song "Kapayapaan" was when they released a compilation album called Red Alert together with The Breed, Color It Red and Rizal Underground. It was hard to have a cassette copy of it since there was just a few hundred that was produced. When I had the record, it was borrowed and never returned.

It was ironic since I was liking to sing one of their hit singles "Alaala" a few weeks before he died. And now it was the song's lyrics that are meant to him.
"Sa panaginip na lang kita makikita
Sa pangarap na lang kita makakasama
I am paying my tribute to the great contributions that Papadom gave to the Filipino music. It was an honor to have at least heard your music.

To Papadom, may you find your peace with The Almighty GOD. I know He'll love your songs with reggae beat!


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