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The 90's was the era where local bands are struggling to be recognized. Unlike today, they created several songs to be heard and appreciated. They attend gigs and concerts to gain popularity. They even play at basketball courts just to be heard.

I miss those times.

Luckily, some of those bands are still kicking ass. Wolfgang are still around and making albums and touring.

Some bands had already did their reunion gigs and even released albums. And after digging further, I found out that they are still kicking...


Mutiny was originally composed of Paul Veloria on vocals, Sum Go on bass, Chuck Fournier on guitar and Roy Secillano on drums. They were formed around the early part of the 90's decade. It was a timely formation when all bands are trying their best to be heard.

Pinoy hard rock at its finest. That's the best description that I have for Mutiny. Paul's harsh and cool vocals gives the band its distinction from other bands. Of course, guitarist Chuck and the rest of the band excellently contributed to its music.

They only released one album as far as I know. I bought them in cassette tape format but lost it since a friend borrowed it. As for my favorites, they are "Salamangkero", "Ibaon Mo Sa Limot" and "Rock And Roll Na Lamang" among others.

I'm looking forward for them to make an album so that I can reminisce what 90's rock sounds like... live! And of course, so that this generation would appreciate what music was in the 90's.

I salute the men behind the Mutiny band. Thank you for sharing us your talent and songs. They will be forever cherished.


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