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Modelling is a stepping stone to show business. Many models had already made their way to showbiz by being an endorser of a product or being seen in a print ad or billboard. The likes of our 9MM Girls Alodia Gosiengfiao and Sam Pinto who made into showbiz after representing products.

What I like about models is that they can be flexible in the field of media. They can strut in front of the camera and then act when needed to.

Well, we'll feature another model turned actress and she's one of those girls that you can't miss out. Her complexion stands out from her fellow models and that's why she won the model search of ABS CBN - Be Bench. She's none other than...

Regine Angeles

Regine is scorpion who hails from Quezon City. She won first place in Be Bench, ABS CBN's model search reality TV show. And from then on, she became one of the network's talents. Regine appeared in numerous TV shows like "Apoy Sa Dagat" "Palos" and the remake of "Iskul Bukol". She also appeared in the annual horror film "Shake Rattle and Roll 12".

Regine Angeles is one extraordinary woman. She has this unequaled beauty that can strike men like me. Her smile and lips are so picturesque that by just flashing them, it can tame the wildest of beasts.

Her pretty face glows together with her sparkling brown eyes.

Regine's physique can never be set aside. Her complexion gleams with the combination of white and smoothness. Her well endowed body is definitely her most precious asset. And I can't deny that fact.

Aside from having those physical attributes, she also have the talent on acting. Simply underrated but nonetheless a good actress. But she can always get back to modeling because her irresistible beauty can be shared most widely.

Hopefully, we can see more of Regine Angeles in both the modeling and the tube. I can't seem to get enough of her and the rest of 9MM Blog-zine likers would want to know more of Regine Angeles.

An interview maybe?


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