Valeen Montenegro

Sexy Comedienne

I love laughing! I enjoy sharing good gags with friends and family. I can laugh out loud when somebody crack jokes or do an impersonation.

Especially if it comes from women.

Just like our featured 9MM Girl, she can deliver jokes and crack humor at her whim. And she's just irresistibly gorgeous. So, let's meet her...

Valeen Montenegro

Valeen is the granddaughter of the actor Mario Montenegro. She was a member of ABS-CBN's Star Circle batch 13 and she made her film debut as a ghost in the film "Hide And Seek". She is also a regular in ABC5's gag show "Loko Moko U".

When I first saw Valeen in a TV show, she has always had this short hair. It kind of being her trademark as an actress and a model. She also have this nice smile that makes her appear so light and fun to be with.

But men cannot deny that Valeen has a sexy body and appeal. Her towering height gives her figure a good stance. Her curvaceous body is even more interesting to look at. Her long and tight legs are very sexy that its overwhelming.

Not only that, Valeen has a knack in hosting and giving out jokes. She can tickle your funny bone and at the same time entertain you. She will let you laugh first, let your stomach fill with air and then let you wipe your drools coming out from your mouth because you're already adoring her sexiness.

I personally like Valeen because she is one of those "koboy-like" woman. Whatever is required from her, she will do it diligently. She can do almost anything and that makes her a "Jill of all trades".

So whenever you want to laugh, entertained or just adore beauty, Valeen Montenegro is the best girl out there. Even though she resembles Bea Alonzo, she has a reputation that was built on her own. Valeen is one of a kind woman that deserves to be our 9MM Girl.


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