Roxanne Barcelo

Late Bloomer

There's a big difference between a girl and a woman.

A girl lacks self confidence. She feels that everything that she does will given a different meaning. Most of the time, its bad. She shows fear and hesitation in her actions that results in poor self esteem.

On the other hand, a woman expresses self confidence. She is aware of her assets and she's not afraid of showing and flaunting it.

Thankfully, our 9MM Girl has changed from a girl to a woman and gladly showed us her glorified bod on a men's magazine. I have listed has one that I want to feature here and now's the perfect time. Here she is...

Roxanne "Roxee B" Barcelo

Started as Roxanne Barcelo, she entered Philippine showbiz by being a mainstay in GMA's youth oriented show "Click". Then she entered the ABS CBN's Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition and ABC 5's Hollywood Dream to further notch her career.

When I first saw Roxanne with her roles in Darna and Art Angel, she was still in her demure state. Even when I had the chance to rub elbows with her in a restaurant in Greenhills, she wears the old maid personality then. Definitely not an eye catcher.

A personality being developed to be wholesome since she's working for a kid's program. A reason that's understandable for us men.

But you can't deny that Roxee is quite a good view. She has this wonderful smile that captivates both the young and adult alike. Together with her pretty round eyes and face and you'll get a nice and sweet girl.

But her transformation to being a woman has definitely took her up to the next level. When she posed for a men's magazine, I was awed by her glorious body. And still having the qualities I stated above. She went from ordinary girl to a hot and gorgeous woman.

I personally think that her sense of maturity has come of age. I mean, she's not going to be young forever and her beauty will last sooner than later. Gratefully, its not too late. We want to thank her friend and one of our 9MM Girl, Marian Rivera for convincing her to show and share her beauty and hotness to us men.

After the change of name, Roxee became a bombshell. A girl that you just can't get enough of. Definitely a girl worth as one of our 9MM Girls.


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