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The One And Only Manoy

Sometimes, I'd like to watch some old movies. Movies that I wasn't able to watch when I was a kid. Either I was too young to watch those movies or I was busy with something else are the reasons why I missed those kinds of movies. Or maybe I was too ashamed of watching Filipino movies then because its not what my circle of friends are watching.

From where I'm from, its a status in life when you watch and listen to local artists. Its like you're not in if you don't watch Hollywood movies.

But things are different when you're an adult.

Now that I'm right of age (I'm not that old, you know), I have the freedom to watch whatever film, movie or program I want to watch. And lately, I'm watching some movies of one of the pillars of Philippine Cinema. One of those you will be proud of in terms of acting because he is one of a kind. He is no other than...

Eddie Garcia
1929 -2019

Born as a Taurus, Eddie Garcia is both an actor and director. He also served with the Philippine Scouts during WWII. He has several awards under his belt including the only performer to win three consecutive FAMAS awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Director. He is also the most awarded and nominated person in FAMAS.

Manoy has been around for decades and seems to me that he's not quite done yet. He is a versatile actor. He can do whatever roles you want from him. And that's what I like about him.

Another would be his great sense of humor. He can deliver jokes and get around with it. He can go around with his green jokes as well as his other sarcastic jokes and still he will be good at it.

Some of my favorite Eddie Garcia films are "Andres Manambit", "Enteng Manok" and "Boyong Manalac" among others.

Even though his movies tell the audience that he is a womanizer, its the opposite in real life. From his Wiki page, he didn't had an other relationships or any rumors that he had with his leading ladies. A proof that there still is a gentleman in this world.

So to the Manoy of Philippine Cinema, we thank you for your greatness and sharing your talent with us. You are the epitome of a great actor of every film that was ever created. You will leave a legacy to us Filipinos and in behalf of them, we salute you!


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