Bianca Gonzalez

Smexy Morena

When I first read and heard the word "smexy", I thought that it is a derogatory word for women. Like "bitches" and "hoes", it would further degrade women with attitude.

But fortunately, I was wrong. Smexy is a coined word for "smart" and "sexy". I don't know who invented the word but it was purely genius.

I featured some girls here like Diana Zubiri and Michelle Madrigal that I would enlist as another morena beauty. But smexy morena would be the best words to describe our 9MM Girl...

Bianca Gonzalez

Born as a Pisces, Bianca Gonzalez started out as a writer. She also did hosting chores for different programs in ABS CBN like "GameChannel Extreme", "Review Night" and "Wazzup Wazzup". Her big break came when she joined Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition and won third place.

Bianca still does hosting chores for "Umagang Kay Ganda" and is the editor at large of Meg Magazine and writes for Philippine Star.

Aside from the obvious, Bianca's petite figure stands out with her being a morena. Her big round eyes and flashy smile would make any man, like me, to be entangled. With her charm and wits, she can enthrall them at will.

That's the part where she is sexy.

But being smart is the best. Judging her from reading her blog and from her articles, Bianca definitely has a fat brain. She can show confidence and literally empower you with information that even men cannot provide. Smart, right?

Bianca is one of my favorite women because she can be herself. Unlike other girls that are afraid to get tanned, she's proud of the color of her skin. A true Filipina and definitely a true 9MM Girl.

By the way, she resembles Tia Carrere and Asia Carrera.


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