Kate Upton

Meteoric Model

Imagine you're a male, joining a simple "Staring Contest" wherein you'll win a million dollars if you don't wink at your opponent. Simple, right?

What if you're opponent is a sexy and beautiful model wearing her skimpy swimsuit? Would you dare to stare at her?

And while staring through her pretty eyes, she's smiling back at you. She begins to unravel her breasts and pulling down her bikini top. I'm sure you'll wink now. I know, I did.

This was the situation from a TV ad that was shared on my Facebook wall. Right there and then, I got struck by her awesomeness and appeal. I already featured some foreign beauties here like Vanessa Hudgens and Kristin Kreuk and for our next 9MM GIrl International...

Kate Upton

Katherine "Kate" Upton is an American model and actress. Born in Michigan but raised in Florida. Her break came when she appeared in 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And then she never looked back.

She also appeared in the film "Tower Heist" and "The Three Stooges" aside from the TV shows she appeared on.

What makes Kate different from the other models is that she has this irresistible charm and appeal that mesmerizes men like me. Her beauty stands out with her natural blond hair, and tight and sexy body.

Her eyes are very expressive that's why I was unable to keep my glaring at her even if it was a video. She is really a bombshell.

Its a good thing that GOD created women like Kate Upton. Because if GOD didn't created women, it would really be a pain in the ass for us men. If you know what I mean.


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