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There would be no protagonists if there are no antagonists. There would be no heroes and heroines if there are no villains. You cannot say one's a hero if there is no foe to fight.

And then there are people that can be more bad than the devil himself. Full of hate, anger and bad aura that gives suffering to the hero down to the last ounce of their hope.

And that's where our subject is excellent at. I know its too late but its better late than never. So here she is...

Remedios Papa Dancel
"Bella Flores"
1928 - 2013

Bella Flores, born in Manila, Philippines is known to be the Mother of all antagonists in the country's film and television industry. At age 14, she appeared in her first film, "Tatlong Balaraw". Her break came when she was casted as the cruel stepmother in the film "Roberta".

From then on she made life miserable to young actors and actresses. She won her FAMAS Best Supporting Actress in 1967 for the movie "Ang Kaibigan Kong Sto. Nino".

Flores died on May 19, 2013 due to complications from a hip surgery.

I hated Bella Flores ever since I saw her on TV. She was the epitome of an evil woman because she displayed ruthlessness to both children and adult. She was the she-devil on TV. I thought then that her character reflects the person in real life.

But as I grow old, I learned otherwise. Bella Flores was good and kind in person. She was also known to make people laugh even with her eyebrows raised and her arms crossed against her chest.

Nobody ever equaled her ferociousness and evilness up to this day and that's why I salute her in sharing her talent with us.

There can only be one Bella Flores and I know she's with her Creator now. Thank you for all the memories. To the Primera Kontrabida, rest in peace!


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