Jeff Hanneman

In Memoriam

For many years, I have been listening to several kinds of music including those that some might call "evil". I really appreciate music as long as they are pure and original.

On some days, when I feel I like to bang my head and listen to something heavy, I preferably listen to Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and Slayer. Once their music is on, I turn up the volume to maximum then bang my head.

Those heavy guitar riffs, excruciating guitar solos and pounding drums plus the dark lyrics and vocals makes me feel revived and reminiscent of my rebel years. And it feels good.

But another guitarist left us behind. And its a great loss to the band and millions of its fans. This is my tribute to a legend...

Jeffrey John Hanneman
1964 - 2013

Jeff Hanneman is one of the guitarist of Slayer. Born in Oakland, California in January 31, 1964, he was influenced by punk music from Dead Kennedys and Johnny Rotten.

Jeff and Kerry King (the other guitarist) formed Slayer in 1981 and the 12 albums were produced and released in the last 32 years. Together, they were ranked #10 on Guitar World's "100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarist of All Time",

Jeff died last May 2, 2013 after suffering from liver failure.

I admired Jeff's guitar playing ever since I heard their "Reign In Blood" album. I even worshiped him and Kerry King every time I listened to their "Seasons In The Abyss" album. I always imitated their styles in guitar playing but they are too great for me.

I remembered playing "Expendable Youth" and "Seasons In The Abyss" when I was still playing the guitar and it was a hell of a time. Although at first, I was having a hard time but eventually, I was able to play it.

So for you, Jeff Hanneman, I salute you for sharing with us your talent. Thank you for all the songs and guitar solos you created. Too bad I was not able to see you perform live here in the Philippines but you will be surely missed. Rest in peace!


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