Ava Jane Jugueta

Pretty Young Thing

I always like "chinitas". Those beautiful women who have china eyes that goes off when they're smiling or laughing. They call them "asians" in the western countries but I'm glad we came up with our own word for them.

I already featured some chinitas here like Jessica Mendoza (which she confirmed that she is not Chinese though) and Iwa Moto among others.

In this article, I would like to share again another chinita 9MM Girl. She just simply cannot be featured here...

Ava Jane Jugueta

Ava is the lead vocalist for the all girl singing group Pretty Young Thing or PYT. But before joining the group, she was the Grand Champion of GMA7's reality based singing talent search called "Coca Cola Ride To Fame".

Little information has been spread throughout the internet about Ava so I can't really share any other things about her here. Even her pictures are very rare.

But my likeness to her started when I saw her doing hosting chores in one of the noontime shows in Philippine TV. She outwitted the other hosts with her exceptional singing and performance aside from having that oozing appeal and body.

What I like about her most is her eyes and smile. Her "china eyes" are sparkling whenever she makes contact with the camera. Its like she's flirting with you and you can't do anything but watch her.

Her smile is mesmerizing and her body is not to be set aside either. Very tempting for an angelic beauty with a body to die for.

I'm sure her career will move up the ladder because of her professionalism and talent. And I hope I can interview her in the future. What will happen if I get the chance to rub elbows with Ava?


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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