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The very first time I heard the music of The Doors, keyboards was overpowering the guitars. And I asked myself, what kind of a band are they? No bass guitar?!?

All the while, I thought bands are composed of drummers, guitarists and vocalists. Never have I wondered keyboards was also essential for a band. And that was how The Doors were unique from all other bands.

I haven't written about an article about my personal rock icon, Jim Morisson here and yet another of the said band's founding member had joined our Creator.

And this is my tribute to...

Raymond Daniel Manzarek, Jr.
1939 - 2013

Ray was the pioneer member and keyboardist of the band, The Doors. Born in Chicago, Illinois in February 12, 1939, he originally wanted to play basketball but after an ultimatum from his coach, he quit the team and concentrated on playing keyboards.

Manzarek met Morisson after the latter composed "Moonlight Drive". Later on they were joined by guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore to form The Doors from 1985 to 1973. They released several albums and toured the the whole US.

After The Doors, he also played for several bands including Nite City, Robby Krieger and Roy Rogers.

Ray died after a long battle with bile duct cancer on May 20, 2013.

I recall Manzarek as the father of all keyboardists. Nobody can equal him in terms of keyboard solos especially in the song, "Light My Fire". His creativeness is unparalleled and his diversity in music is very amazing.

I admired his keyboard playing style and how he simply compose music. And its sad that his greatness will only remain in our memories. This is a salute to music's greatest contributor.

Thank you Ray Manzarek for all the music and talent you shared with us all. Now, let the heavens rock! Rest in peace, Ray Manzarek.


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