Ritz Azul

Uncoloring The Blue

Blue is one of my favorite colors aside from white, black, gray and red. You can clearly see it in the layout of this blog. In Filipino, blue is translated to either "bughaw" or "asul".

But according to experts, the color blue means sadness or sorrow. As the song goes -- "Bluer than blue", it tells the tale of how to be positive with a broken relationship but still he's heavyhearted.

While were talking about the color and its meaning, our 9MM Girl would not give us any bitterness. Even she has the color in her name...

Ritz Azul

Ritz is a typical Capricorn and was born on Pampanga, Philippines. Her talent was recognized when she won the 4th Final Star of TV5's talent search show, Star Factor. Her acting prowess was showcased in "Nagbabagang Bulaklak" and "Glamorosa".

She is also a Sangguniang Kabataan Chairwoman in her hometown.

In her young career and age, Ritz already won The Entertainment Press Inc. Outstanding Performance by an Actress and Yahoo OMG's Amazing Female Newcomer. I'm sure these awards will multiply in the years to come.

In her first few months of her career as an actress, I already noticed her beauty. She stood out from her competitors and shone for herself. A very naive and kind hearted young girl with an attitude to succeed.

Her eyes are lovely with that chinita look. Her sweet smile would definitely leave a mark to men because it would cut deep in their memory and heart.

As time goes by, she developed an irresistible sexiness that only she can flaunt. Her hips are getting curved and her legs are getting fine and tight. And she's just turned legal. I'm sure she will still be hotter and oozing with appeal in the coming years.

I see to it that when I have time, I make sure and see her glorified bod in those white kamison while making me laugh. I'm talking about her gag show, "Loko Moko U" where she regularly appear.

A long and winding journey will be in front of Ritz' career but I know she can handle it. She is determined and hardworking to reach the top amidst the competition from other actresses that are already ahead of her.

Her future partner would know that he is indeed lucky because you'll have a good package with Ritz Azul. A very intense but meaningful package.

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