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"Wag lang madugong patayan, dahil kaibigan pa rin kita!
 - Tablahan | Grin Department

Back in the 90's, we were looking for alternative sound to have a change. Mainstream music was too powerful that time, that it lingers to every Filipinos.

Good thing, LA105 and NU107 were there to enlighten us that there are other music to listen to. There were Wolfgang, The Jerks and others that made alternative music so much fun to listen to.

And then another band came and brought us witty and naughty rock songs that tickled the Filipinos. It was The Grin Department. The trio gave us songs like "Tablahan", "Syota Ng Lahat" and "Miss U" that made us gag and sing at the same time.

But recently, I just learned that their vocalist died last year. And this is my tribute to...

Geneviere "Bong" Pascasio

Bong was the vocalist of the 90's band Grin Department. Back in that era, they generated 4 albums with Vicor and with the first 2 releases, gave them platinum sales. Their songs made Pinoy Rock a whole new meaning.. happy and risque.

Last November 10, 2012, Bong succumbed after a long battle with colon cancer. I just learned it this year because of inactivity with my online life.

I recalled when my brother bought their album, I thought that they were just some band trying to get attention with the so called band explosion. But apparently, they were not.

I easily enjoyed their melodies and songs as my brother played their album on cassette tapes. And then later on play them on my guitar. I didn't know it was Bong then because they drawn as caricatures on the album. No images or actual pictures of them printed on the sleeves.

Unfortunately, I was unable to catch them perform live in any gigs that they were invited to. I'm sure Grin Department was a hell of a trip on every gig they were on.

I want to apologize if I were unable to help you when you were in need of donors and sponsors. I wasn't updated with you that time.

So wherever you are, Bong, we are deeply grateful to have listened to your songs. You will be an inspiration to us and to future music makers that not all songs need to be taken seriously.

Rest in peace, brother!


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