Danica Torres

Ultimate Vixen

Its another year for 9MM-zine and I'm glad to share you everything that I think is cool. If you're gonna back read, I'm going to restructure the theme of this blog. And I'm gonna delve more on the topics I'm interested in.

As you have known, I always pay homage to women. I always admired God's greatest gift to men.

And as an opening salvo, I'm going to share you another hot girl that I want to include in my list of 9MM Girls.

Danica Torres

She was born as a Cancer and lives in Taguig City. She's taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management because according to her, she loves baking and cooking. Her career boosted when her friend photographer dared her to pose on one of his shoots. Then the rest was history.

Danica won the 2012 Premier Vixen among ten other lovely and sexy contestants.

I've been following Danica on several forums and websites for quite some time already and when I first saw her I was smitten by her awesomeness.

Her eyes is truly inviting and it would melt even the fiercest of heart. Her smile is truly a killer and when she does her pouting, she captures men's attention. In my opinion, she's one of those women that has the right to do duck-facing effortlessly.

Her body has been perfectly curved that whatever pose she does in front of the lens, its always a perfect shot. Its as if when God poured sexiness on Earth, she was wide awake to receive them.

I was able to watch a video of her, lip syncing a song and I was mesmerized by her awesomeness. I don't care if she can sing or not but I'm more interested with her beauty.

I also read that Danica is already in a relationship. What a lucky man! If I were him, I'll propose to her and marry her right away. But I'm sure its going to be career first for her. With her career skyrocketing, there's nothing that will stop the magnificent beauty and sexiness of Danica Torres.

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