Another Blog Reformat

New Year, Another Change

Over the past years, 9MM-zine has been my own personal magazine offering my interests. It paid homage to girls, men, people, music and movies. It reviewed several things that I experienced. It also gave some smart tips and advices I had learned along. And it partially shared some bits of Stone-Cold Angel's life.

But change is the only constant in life. And change is inevitable.

Over the past few weeks, I thought I need a change with this blog. I noticed a drop with my statistics and I feel I should redeem this blog's reputation.

And with this article, I'll be sharing with you my plans and the time line when its gonna happen.

Format And Theme

The physical layout of the blog will not change. Or maybe some of it. But what will change is the theme of it. Basically, it will concentrate more on paying homages to my favorites. Majority of them would be Filipinos.

The articles will center on my favorite topics. First off would be girls. May it be local or foreign. More on celebrities but there would be some models.

There would be articles and tributes about men that I look up to. Those men that influenced me throughout my life. They can be famous men both local and foreign.

The other articles are for music. Both bands and artists that fed my soul. Again, priority would be local but foreign artists are still included.

Movies are also included. Both local and foreign. My list of movies that I would watch before I die.

Fictional characters like those that I would love to draw. Comic characters are my priority but fictional characters that exist in books are also included. All characters would be drawn by the author.

I'm planning to dissolve the reviews and stories but I think I need to keep them in case I need the category. There would be plans of my online comic but I'm sure I can squeeze it here or create another blog for it.

Transfer Of Another Topic

I will be transferring a topic or topics to another blog. My Streetsmart Guides will be on its own so that it will be concentrated and target its own audience. Though I'm still not sure if I'm going to transfer it to Wordpress or Blogger.

Hopefully, it can target its audience precisely.

Time line

These changes will be take in effect immediately. So this year will be quite a busy year for this blog. An article per week is at least my goal to fulfill my obligation to my readers.

The transfer of some articles would be done soon so stay tuned with the changes. Follow this blog's Twitter and like it's Facebook page for updates and news.

I hope these changes would create a big impact with my blogging experience. And especially create a wonderful experience to my readers.


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