2013 Bucket List

My New Year's Resolutions And Projects

Another new year for me and for all of us. And every new year gives us new hopes and beginnings. A way to restart our lives and make it a better one.

As for myself, 2012 had just passed me again and I still can't feel that a new year has begun. I'm too blinded with the things happening around me that I still feel that its still 2012. Even this article is so late in posting.

Anyway, this year, I have so many things I want to happen. I want this year to be more productive and enjoyable at the same time. With my 2012 report, I need to end this year with flying colors.

And with this, I will be sharing a list of the things I want to happen and achieve in the year of the Water Snake. Here goes...

I need to be extra frugal when it comes to expenses. I need to practice saving because there are no other people that can help us but ourselves. We need to be able to sustain every need in order to save.

"Differentiate needs versus wants". This is going to be my goal. I will be listing down our expenses versus our income. And aside from that, save for whatever things we want.

We need to travel this year. Its a necessity for my family since there are no new places we've been gone last year.

We might go to Baguio or somewhere else new to us. Finances are a great factor for this to come true. A separate envelope or savings jar for this.

I need to replace Nikole to continue my photography hobby. Another savings jar for this to become a reality.

I will be producing my own web comic and hopefully I can finish it before the first half of the year.

I will be returning my playing of the guitar after over a decade of not playing one. Hopefully I can still play with a band and record some songs.

Blogging will still be there. Its layout might change and its URL might change also so stay tune for some updates.

Number one priority would be quitting the smoking habit. I might try the combination of my tips that I wrote here. The 30 day trial and the gradual method. More on this later.

Exercise! I need to perspire every day. It can be from running or playing another sport or doing biking.

I really need to focus on my health since I'm not getting any younger. And also for my family's sake.

My goal this year is to be promoted. Again. Hopefully, I can manage the gawking responsibilities once this gets fulfilled.

If this would not push through, I need another job to fill in the gaps of our finances. An online business of job would do.

This year might be a good time to reassess my relationship with my Creator. I'm just not sure if I'm still going to church or just stay agnostic.

But definitely, I need a guide again through dark times and He is the only one that can guide me. And renewing it will be a good decision.

This article is just a summary of my bucket list for this year. I'll be posting another article that would list down the detail of it. So for now, this is it!

Hopefully, I can fulfill all of this and report to you at the end of the year that this year is productive for me.


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