2012 Year End Report

An Annual Review

Its been a few weeks that I haven't updated this blog. I apologize for that. My brain has been experiencing drought and I was unmotivated to write anything.

And this article should have been my year end report. My annual summary of what happened about me last year. But a lot of things happened that I was unable to write and post this article. My bad.

2012 has been an up and down year for me. Its a good year and then some. Let's see if it had improved from the previous year. Let's start, shall we?

Finances 85% (Last Year - 75%
It has been a good year for our finances. We managed our money well this year. Even if we had to borrow some money, we were able to sustain our needs and buy us some stuffs.

At the start of the year, we were able to move out from my in-laws and found us an apartment near my work. Meaning we are on our own. We were able to pay our bills and had extra money for ourselves.

I was able to buy new clothes and shoes. I was able to buy Cielo some toys and my wife some new clothes and shoes.

But we were unable to save some money. That would be our plan next year. Pass!

Travel 75% (Last Year - 75%)
The farthest I had gone this year was Batangas and Quezon. And aside from numerous places here in the Metro, we were almost a house family. Nothing to say much here but fail.

Entertainment 95% (Last Year - 90%)
I had lots of entertainment the past year. First off, I had attended a lot of drinking parties that I enjoyed. Events that was hard to ignore. Colleagues and friends that was longing to make conversations with. It was amazing!

I was able to watch WOLFGANG perform live, to which is very hard to do. I was able to seat and watch ringside and head bang to every music they offer.

Movies and music are just been enjoyed through the internet. Aside from Asiong Salonga movie, there were no movie watched in the silver screen for me last year. Pass!

Hobbies 80% (Last Year - 85%)
I was unable to take pictures more because of Nikole's condition. But phone cameras and other digital cameras had sustained my hobby. Maybe I'll try to delve to it later on the year.

My plans to create an online comics were postponed. But still I'm on the works of having my digital comics this year... I hope...

Another old hobby came back this year. Playing the guitar again. Although this will still be tentative but still its on my bucket list. Fail!

Career 90% (Last Year - 80%)
I was promoted at the start of the first quarter of the year. New team and new project for me. I was excited on this new project.

Although starting out there were problems but still we emerged as a competitive team. I was elated that all team leads recommend me as a Team Lead in the future. Another clinch was given when I was given an award as a Future Team Lead on our last Christmas Party.

But the challenge is still there. I need to be satisfied as a full grown Team Lead. Pass!

Self Improvement 50% (Last Year - 75%)
I do have a lot of things that I want to change about myself. And every year, I always fail.

I haven't been able to quit smoking with the gradual and the 30 day trial. Maybe because of my poor self discipline.

I was back again with my alcohol intakes. And last year was a heavy one. I'm taking it almost everyday.

And lastly, I had somewhat neglected my family. There were numerous occasions that me and my wife had several arguments. Thank God, she didn't gave up on me. Fail!

Spiritual 50% (Last Year - 50%)
Last year was still dark. I was unable to see the lighter side and I felt that I was sucked by the dark side slowly. Maybe its time to renew my relationship with God this year. Fail!

Long Term Plans
No car. No house to call my own although we're renting an apartment. No savings.

In short, nothing new. Fail

Overall 75% (Last Year - 76%)
Career and entertainment flew high last year but it affected the majority of the categories here. The score just barely passed.

But I'm optimistic that I'll be able to come up a better score this year of the Water Snake. It might be my year... who knows?


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