An Indecent Proposal

A Fictional Story

*Note: The characters do not exist, except in the mind of the author. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

In a posh coffee shop outside the busy Metro, sits a young professional named James.

James is in his mid thirties, medium built and dressed with a clean white polo shirt with a logo of a red man riding a horse. He wears a pair of faded jeans and dirty sneakers which shows its wear proof that its being used everyday. He's not really particular with fashion but he cannot be mistakenly identified as a "thrasher" either. As long as he is not naked, his clothes are fine.

He constantly checks his wristwatch for the time. And he has been waiting for almost an hour.

Things has already been running through his mind before he arrived here. James have organized his thoughts to properly address his concern. He decided he wants to end it now.

"Come on, don't stick me up." James thought anxiously. He looks around trying to find a familiar face in the crowd. Several faces, different people but no sign of the expected meet up.

He felt his heart beat faster as he awaits his date.

He sipped his frapuccino and lighted a cigarette. After blowing the inhaled smoke, James glanced again at his watch and looked at the crowd walking to and from the walk. Still no sign of the person he is meeting.

"Hi!" A familiar voice came from the back of his ear. He looked back and saw her face. A smile in his heart was drawn invisibly. James' anticipation changed to excitement with a speed of thought.

"Hello! Coffee?" He responded to his date as she sit across him as he stood to show his gentleman gesture.

"No, thanks!" She replied with a smile. James almost melt with it.

Her name is Grace. She's in her mid twenties. A young girl with a killer smile. She wears her favorite black leopard blouse and jeans. Her shoulder length hair was neatly combed and clipped with the usual hair clipper. Her round eyes has been emphasized with a dark mascara. Her lips were red and glowed naturally. For what she lacked with her physical built was overly compensated with her facial beauty.

They exchanged stories as if they haven't seen each other for a while. And after exhausting all the stories...

"So, what did you want to tell me?" She asked James while swaying her fan to relieve her with the outside humidity.

"Nothing! I just wanted to see you. That's all." James said with a harsh voice. Almost mumbling.

"Neo jin jja ippo." James said.

"Sorry, what?" She asked anxiously.

"You're so beautiful." He answered.

"Thanks! I know. Ha! ha! ha!" She laughed. James likes it when she laughs. It breaks the ice of his nervousness.

James recalled the first time he saw Grace. He did not noticed her beauty but he knows she's pretty. But after they became friends and later on got close, he noticed she's extraordinary. He started to develop his likeness to her just a few months ago after a drinking session with their colleagues.

He tried so much to hide his feelings for her. James always convinces himself that what he had is just an infatuation. But he can't stop the feeling. Its hard to hide it any longer.

He can't help it anymore. Now, he's completely fallen for her. And after several debate against himself, he decided to let it out and tell her about it.

"Seriously, you're so pretty." James uttered with a serious look on his face. This time, he's not joking. He stared at her right in her big round eyes.

James is the joker among his colleagues. Its seldom that they will take him seriously.

Grace was amazed and she stood still. She lent her attention to James.

"I wanted to tell you something that I should have told you long ago." James continued while reaching out to her hand across the table. He was successful in doing so.

Her hand was so smooth and soft. Just like when he held it the first time. Electricity flowed to his hand and charged his weak heart.

"But I'm afraid that I would lose you... forever." James said. His eyes still looking straight to her eye.

Grace's eyes glanced his eye to make the contact. Her eyes were asking. He appreciate it and let out a big sigh.

"I really like you. I really do." James said with full confidence.

Grace was surprised. Her eyes got wider and she leaned back to absorb the proposal she just received.

"I want to be your steady date. I want to build my future around you and with you. I want you to be the mother of my children and so much more." James concluded while squeezing her hand lightly.

"If you didn't know, you're the reason that I come to work everyday. You're the reason I groomed again. I wear this perfume again. I haven't felt this way for years and now I felt it again and I feel great again." He uttered nervously.

Grace blushed while shying away from his eye with him. She seemed surprised.

"I want to take care of you, hug you and kiss you everyday. I just want to be with you, every time." he continued.

James sighed. As if half of the burden in his heart was unloaded. He still held her hand. It felt good. Very good.

But he needs to spill out something. Something that reality bit. He needs to blurt it out.

"If I could, I would. But I can't." He breathed.

"If only you came earlier into my life. Or if only I can turn back the time. I would choose you to spend the rest of my life with." James continued.

Grace cannot utter a word. Still shocked with the words James said. She did not expected it would be in his personality to talk about it.

She's still speechless.

"You're still young and you will meet the man that will love you and take you in front of the altar." He said. "I'm not worthy of your love and attention."

"I'm pretty sure you will stay away from me from this day onward. I would understand it. Even if it hurts my heart. But I just want to tell you that you're a big part of my life. And I will never ever forget you for the rest of my life." James continued while still squeezing her hand tighter.

"I'm married. And I don't want my daughter to have a broken family."

"If in the next life, we'll meet again, I'll make sure you'll be mine." He said while sipping the last ounce of his frapuccino.

James stood up, kissed Grace in the forehead and walked away. Leaving her in a state of shock. He is not sure what will happen next but he knows he did the right thing. A forced smile was sketched on his face while his heart bled. He walked. He doesn't look back and later disappeared in the crowd.

To be continued...

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