Another Smoke Quitting Strategy

The Gradual Method

I guess you're all wondering what happened to my smoke quitting plan I wrote months ago. And I have the simplest answer -- it failed. Moreover, I failed.

I failed my thirty day trial for several months. Whatever I make myself lose the habit of smoking was not working. And I'm only to blame for my failure.

But the drinking of water and the push ups are quite effective. Now I am drinking more water than sodas and I am quite fit with my push ups.

For this article I'm going to try another strategy to quit smoking before the year ends. I'm really determined to stop my smoking habit for the benefit of my family and myself.

The Gradual Method

The idea is to gently reduce the consumption of smoke I make everyday. I'll be beginning with the easy to stop stage and then slowly stopping the main smoking leg.

I almost consume 10 to 15 sticks a day. So, my goal is to eliminate one by one the sticks I consume every day.

Here is a list of my smoking habit everyday,

  • After waking up and before taking a bath - 1
  • Before going to my floor at the office - 1
  • During my first break - 1
  • After my lunch - 2
  • During my second break - 1
  • While taking a crap - 1 to 2
  • And some in between - 1 in each occasion
I had already taken off my smoking while walking several weeks ago so I guarantee myself that this would work. I'll be updating this page every single instance that I'm successful with one or more of them.

I'll be asking myself to cooperate and help me in reducing my smoking habit and eventually quit it entirely.

Do you have any other strategy to quit smoking? Share it to us by leaving your comments below.


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