Outsmarting The Rainy Season

Tips To Prevent Storm Affect Us

Every year, there will be months of rainy days. And here in the Philippines, we only have two seasons. Dry season and the rainy season. We're on the latter for the second half of the year.

And every year, around 20 typhoons visits the country aside from the monsoons that we get. I noticed that its getting worse every year. Look at what Typhoon Ondoy did to our country.

The rain gets angrier and heavy. Lots of rain showers results in flooding. And whenever there is flooding, education is suspended and lots of people gets sick with flu and cold. With these, productivity is reduced and businesses tends to slow down.

But we cannot put the blame on the government every time there will be flooding. With simple things that I will be sharing to you, we'll contribute things largely to outsmart the rainy season. It will be good for the country if it start within ourselves.

Pre-Season Preparation

If we're looking for a place to live, consider the geography and the history of the place you want to stay. We need to make sure that the place and the streets that we're gonna stay are flood free. You don't want a place where you can't sleep whenever there is rain or typhoon.

Store instant noodles and canned goods as well as water for emergency purposes. These will be handy in case there will be shortage of food in the area. For a few days, you'll beat hunger for yourself and your family.

Make sure your house is ready for any calamity. Check your roofs and ceilings for any holes that may cause drips of water in the house. Check drainage for any garbage preventing free flow of water.

During Rainy Days

As much as possible, stay indoors when there is rain or a storm. If its really important to go outside, then protect yourselves. Bring coats or jacket, umbrellas and boots to keep yourselves dry. These things will not lessen your manhood but prevent yourselves from colds, flu and other sickness.

Make use of the electricity as much as possible. Charge your cellphones, laptops, and other rechargeable things that you might need before the power go out. Its hard to communicate whenever there is a power outage.

Keep rechargeable lights and candles where you can easily reach them. But be careful in using candles for this might cause fire. Keep the out from places that easily burn and from children.

Keep yourselves updated. Listen to the radio or watch the TV to check what's going on outside. Check if your work is still accessible and if you can still go home after work. Make use of the information around especially social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Make yourself informed whatever happened outside. You'll never know the extremeness brought by the typhoon or the rains. Make yourselves useful by donating or helping the needy in these times of crisis.

Make sure your loved ones and neighbors are safe so you could perform tasks that might help others. Donate foods, clothes and shelter to the needy for they need help. You can also volunteer to pack relief goods or rescue people trapped in flooded areas.

Educate people (whenever possible) that they don't need to go in the city to achieve their dreams. Its just a matter of industriousness and perseverance if you want to achieve your goals in life.

These are just a few tips to avoid the disastrous thought of having nothing saved. Its better to be prepared than sorry. So please, leave your pride at another corner and think of others that might need some assistance. You don't know you might be the one that will need help someday.

What are your preventive measures during typhoons and the rainy season? Leave your thought in the comment section below.


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