How To Be A Call Center Representative

Guide To Start Your Entry Level Job

Many of my friends have asked me how I became a call center representative. Of course, I shared my experiences from the interview until I get to talk to foreigners abroad on how to fix their internet connection. And after that they are all excited to begin their careers as one.

They all want the hefty compensation coming from the job. There's no denying that it's one of the high paying jobs here in the country.

But when they apply for it and after the interview, they fail to pass the test. Maybe they are not that articulate enough to be understood.

Or maybe, their mind was totally blocked out during the interview. With this article, I hope I'll be able to help those people aspiring to be a call center representative.

Call Centers

Just in a nutshell, call centers are support service for various line of businesses. The most popular are customer service and technical support. Customers call and representatives answers the call for help.

There are several companies that offer these jobs all over the country so I'm sure there is one company that you'll want to be in.


When I started this line of business, I prepared myself if I really want this job. Of course, the pay is more higher than the others. But with that, I'll be sacrificing some other things.

The holidays, the graveyard shifts and the overtime are among the top things that needs to be considered. So ask yourself if you're ready not to spend Christmas and New Year with your family, to stay awake at night and have a few friends available during night.

Condition your mind and body if you really want this job. If you are not the night person, chances are you're gonna be sick or depressed when you are already taking in calls.

Reading And Learning

Read aloud. Books and magazines are great source to exercise your articulations. I'm sure you have been taught English in school and this is the best time to apply it. Record it in your cellphone so that you can hear yourself what you sound like.

When reading, exaggerate every word you read. This lesson was taught to us during communication training and it is very effective. This way, you'll hear yourself if you pronounced the word correctly and reduce mumbling.

Watch videos and movies and try to imitate how they pronounce each word and how they use English to communicate. When I started, I liked to watch and listen to actors like George Clooney and John Glover because they pronounce the word very articulately.

Interview Questions

Research on possible questions that the interviewer will ask. The most common question is "Tell me about yourself."

Write down your answers to these questions and read them aloud. This way, you'll be prepared to answer the interviewer. It will also build confidence in you as you learn about yourself.

Ask a friend to ask you a question on you researched and answer it confidently. If a friend or anyone is not around, try to speak in front of the mirror or record a video of yourself. This way you'll`know how you look and how smart you can be in front of the interviewer.

These are just basic tips on how to pass the interview part. Of course there would be the training and production part of the job. I hope this little list of suggestion would help you jumpstart your career.

Just remember, there are no easy job. Everything needs hard work. And call center career is as good as any.

What tips can you give to aspiring call center representatives? Leave your tips and suggestions on the comment section below.


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