From Dusk Till Dawn

Fugitives Turned Vampire Killers

"Don't you ever try and fucking run on us, 'cause I've got six little friends. And they can all run faster than you can." - Seth Gecko
I always liked vampires. I liked the way they stalk their preys, how they sunk their teeth and how they sleep in coffins. I have loved vampires like Lestat and Louie of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

But all of that had disappeared because of the Twilight novels. The author had made the vampires walked in daylight. If that wouldn't destroy the legend, how else would a vampire eat? I never heard of a vegetarian vampire?!

Anyway, I'm not here to rant about the pussy vampires of Twilight. I'll be sharing to you my likeness to a movie against vampires. And here it is...

From Dusk Till Dawn

A horror/thriller movie starring George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel and Juliet Lewis and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It is also written by Quentin Tarantino under Los Hooligans and A Band Apart Studios. The movie is released internationally by Dimension Films.

A story about two criminals along with a kidnapped family who seek refuge on a vampire infested club.

This is how a vampire movies should be. Lots of action, gore and true to the fact that vampires hate the sun and hungry for blood. It would be just normal since not all vampires are cross-proof, but it gets the job done.

George Clooney had handled his character as Seth Gecko excellently while Quentin Tarantino (Richie Gecko) got his merit as well. Juliette Lewis has earned my respect and would include her in my list of favorite Hollywood actresses. And this was the first time I saw Salma Hayek in her glorious form.

I first watched the movie on its cable TV run on HBO. Back in the days that there were no censorship when it comes to cable channels. And there I was, stuck in the tube.

My favorite scenes were the dance number of Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek). She showed a lot of skin and gyrated in any possible way to seduce men. If I were there, I would be enthralled and would be their next meal.

I also anticipated all scenes that include George Clooney. I personally liked him because of his articulation and his killer-like attitude in the film.

Sex Machine's (Tom Savini) weapon was one of a kind. It was the best weapon design ever. How would that be possible to wear a gun resembling your crotch and testicles? That would be handy.

This is how a vampire movie was and suppose to be done. Unlike the Twilight series (both book and movie) that made it all wrong. If there would vampires, I'm sure Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stuart as well as Stephanie Meyer will be hunted down by the undead and leave them as one of their lap dogs.

This is my tribute to the film -- "From Dusk Till Dawn". Thanks to all that made this film possible. It would definitely be added to my list of all-time greatest films along with The Fight Club and The Matrix Trilogy.

Have you seen From Dusk Till Dawn? Let me know your thoughts about the film and leave your comments below.


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