Accepting Defeat

Losing The Life Battle

Everyday, we fight for everything.

We fight for our lives, our survival, race and our existence. It becomes naturally for us since we are used to it.

But sometimes, we fight for something worth fighting for. We fight for our food , our rights and other things that we think is right. And this fight would define our existence and lives.

Whether we fight for a decision or our rights, we either lose or win. Human nature tells us we need to win. But we are not always lucky... eventually we lose.

What will happen if we lose? What are the consequences we need to consider in case we'll be defeated? These are the things I will be discussing for this article.

Accepting Defeat

When we lose in a game, we always blame that the game was fixed. We blame other people to cover our shortcomings.

We need to understand that we cannot always win. We need to lose sometimes so that we can check ourselves.

Understanding The Game Of Life

As the saying goes, "Can't win them all. You got to lose someday."

Even if we are already gained the upper hand, we are still bound to lose if we don't understand the game of life. Understanding it is a good way to minimize the fail to win.

Like athletes, they understand the rules so that they can bend it and use it to their advantage. In life, we also need to understand it also to gain a happy life.

When I'm on the losing end, I tend to let it go so that I can fight and try to win another day. And when that day comes I'm already prepared to win it.

Learning From Mistakes

Of course, in defeat, we tend to analyze things why we lost. This is when how you get up and learn from life's mistakes.

I usually don't rant and vent out about it, but other people do. Its normal for human beings to rant about it. Its natural to vent and get angry.

But of course, we need to learn from the errors and mistakes we did. We can't undo the past, we learn from it and make sure we don't commit the same errors in the future.

Life is good. You just need to learn the balance of it. There are bad times and good times. Defeat and victory. And of course nobody wants to be defeated always. We need to win we just need to learn how to fail before winning.

How do you accept defeat? Leave your comments down below.


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