A Thrash Metal Tribute

I always loved listening to old school heavy thrash metal music. Those heavy guitar riffs that make the rhythm darker. Those screeching guitar solos that made you smirk whenever it hits the high note. 

Those bass guitar and drums being steady to give the song more melodic and catchy. And the lyrics (this is my favorite part) are more darker and I need to read it between the lines to fully understand the song.

Bands like Metallica and Slayer are my favorites that I already featured here. But another band had been uniquely respected for years because of complicated guitar riffs and number of albums sold.

They are part of the Big Four of Thrash Metal... ladies and gentlemen here is...


Megadeth was founded and formed by Dave Mustaine way back in 1982 after being fired by Metallica's James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich because of drug usage and unprofessionalism. He vowed revenge and said to himself that he will surpass the greatness of Metallica.

With thirteen albums, millions of record sold, countless concert tours around the world and numerous awards recognizing their talent, there is no doubt Megadeth is one of thrash metal genre's founding fathers.

"Symphony Of Destruction" was the first single I heard from the band in one of our local radio stations. I said to myself -- "This music is heavy and catchy at the same time. I like this band!" And from then on, I followed and listened to Megadeth.

I still remember swapping cassette tapes with my schoolmates just to hear their latest album. Even though my mother yells at me whenever I listen and play their songs, I still bang my head and pretend I am playing with them.

Mustaine creates riffs and guitar solos that is truly unique and complex that I haven't learned and completed even one song of them when I was still playing the guitar. I got a hard time learning "Skin On My Teeth" on my own using its tablature guide.

My favorite songs from them are "Sweating Bullets", "Symphony Of Destruction", "99 Ways To Die", "E Tout Le Monde", and "Skin On My Teeth" as well as their cover of "Anarchy In The UK" and "Paranoid" among others. And their "Countdown To Extinction" and "Youthanasia" are my favorite albums.

And although, there were numerous lineup change and hiatus, Megadeth is still one of the best. This is my salute to them. One of Thrash Metal's finest.

Actually, this is my way of showing how much I love the band even then that I'll be unable to watch them live here on July 29.

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