How To Generate Self-Motivations

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I have this as a problem. This self motivation thing-a-ma-jig.

Its that time when you just want to either sleep or sit alone or watch the TV thinking that you want to do something but you can't figure out what.

When you have so many ideas and tasks you want to do but you're unsure what you want to do first.

When you're body is able and ready to work something out but the mind won't cooperate. Until you just shut your eyes and unable to accomplish anything.

Believe me, I had that feeling numerous times. And I'm sure I'm not alone. All of us suffer from this problem.

Every rest day, I'm excited to do things I love to do but when it comes, pffft.... nothing.

And to resolve this problem, I'm gonna share some practices on generating my self motivations.


In my alone moments, I talk to GOD and ask for guidance and motivation. I ask Him to help me to keep going with my dreams even though there are left and right challenges.

He is the only one that truly understands what you are going through. And from what he said in his writings -- "Ask and you shall receive", I hold on to that hope and day by day, little by little, I receive what I ask for.

Of course, I give thanks to the Lord.

Family and Friends

Some had already set these people as their motivation and inspiration. They inspire them to work hard and efficient to attain a goal for them.

I am always inspired by my family to work. That's the main reason I wake up in the morning and go by my day.

Some may call it obligation but for me, its not. Its an inspired work that results to happiness and contentment.

Friends are there to help you go up and reach your goals. They are your helping hands. Ergo, we must reach out to them to attain their goals just like what they did for you.

Material Things

When I'm at the mall, I glance at gadgets and things I want. DSLR, Macbook Air, LED TV, designer clothing and shoes and others that I would love to have. This is one motivating factor for me.

When I see something I want, I work hard so that I can reach my goal and have my prize. I save up money for those.

But usually the feeling to buy the item is long gone because its either old or something came up more importantly.

Sometimes I also wanted to travel and visit new places. Traveling and seeing new places enhances my brain to work its best and the body to perform.

These are just the simple things that generates me motivations. Or when I am de-motivated, I always look for these three things to get me going through life. I'm sure there are hundreds of way but these are the handy ones I choose.

How about you, what keeps you motivated? Let me know in the comment section below.


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