School Is Cool

Reasons To Stay

When I was a kid, I hate going to school.

I hate waking up too early in the morning and take a bath with cold water. Ironing my uniform and the hassles of commuting to school elbowing other passengers to get there early.

The boring teachers and lessons that are very difficult to understand. The bully and parasite classmates that will drain your patience and resources.

The work and assignments to be done when its already late and you have to wake up early because of the class the next day... Ugh!

Every student had had their own little complaints for not going to school.

But I must admit... I miss going to school.

In the morning, I see kids and teens in their uniforms, carrying their bags and rushing to get to school on time. It makes me want to go back in time and back to school... again.

And as years go by, I say this-- "School is cool!"

I can still remember how I learned to read and write my name. How I learned to add, subtract multiply and divide. How the world goes around and how life starts and ends.

I missed the days meeting new friends, playing with them, laughing with them. How we help each other when we do projects and tasks. We even help each other during examinations

Forming bonds and relationships. Romantically or mutually, it doesn't matter. As long as we were all together.

The teachers and other support people around the school that made us what we are now. They had nurtured us to take on the real life challenges. Preparing us for the big school called "LIFE".

But the thing that I missed the most is that everyday we learn something new. Either academically or just plain teaching, we learn from other people. Teachings and learning we can use to take on the tests of life.

Whatever happens, stay in school. I mean it. For whatever reason you have, it doesn't mean it will stop you from reaching your goals. You have to think of your future and it depends on how you do it in the present.

Make the most of your school years. Enjoy it. Make the most out of it for it will not come back.

And don't exchange 20 years of schooling for a life of illiteracy.


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