Optimistic Streetsmart

I have been and always optimistic about things around me.

Even though things are going bad around me, I always see to it that I treat it with positive outlook. Because I believe that bad things will just pass and soon it will be good again.

When money is not going our way, or maybe work and goals are not met, or simply just stuck in traffic when I'm already late, I just usually breathe deeply and say to myself, "this will all pass."

It was a good trait that I'm boastful about.

But lately, I'm quite noticing that I'm slowly losing that behavior. I am becoming more and more pessimistic as days go by.

I easily get irritated of simple things and I get angry when things don't get my way.

So, for me not to lose my positivism and not become pessimistic, I need to reassess myself and recall how I learned to be optimistic.


Its always good to breathe and feel the air entering your lungs. Its a good relaxation and, for me, it stimulates my brain and get rid of any distractions.

This is good for things and situations that happen immediately like someone bumped at you, getting struck in traffic and others.

Happy Thoughts

I always think of my family whenever things are going wrong.

Just like Peter Pan, he can always do amazing things, fly and win the battle against Captain Hook with a simple happy thought.

My wife, Shane and my daughter Cielo are the major ones I think of always that makes me more than happy.

Avoiding Negativity

I usually stay away from negative people. Those that have something to rant about every minute of the day.

These people are usual in the workplace. These are the type of people that will simply get at you and if you're caught off guard, you'll be one of them.

If cannot be avoided, just let them rant and don't let them absorb you. Let them absorb what's good from you by giving them good advices.


Of course, you need to share your positivity to others. When someone needs your help, don't hesitate to lend a hand.

Helping others is like nutrients for the soul and inner being. Its like nourishing and refreshing your life. And makes you feel good.

I help others pro-actively sometimes because I don't want to make myself intimidating to others.


And lastly, we need to give thanks. I, myself, give thanks to GOD and glorify Him in return.

Giving thanks to the universe and GOD should be done whenever a good thing happens. Its a way not to deflect the blessings the are pouring upon you.

I stop and silently pray wherever I am to just simply give thanks.

Staying positive is a hard process to learn if you're a type of person that rant about all things. but with these simple ways, you can recharge your life.

Being positive is a good feeling and I can't wait to feel it again.


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