Moonlight Beach Resort

Small Rooms And Blacked Out

Nothing beats the relaxation in a beach resort.

The green trees that are pleasing to the eye. The mountains that surrounds the place and the sound of the waves makes the body lay back and forget all the stress brought by the city.

I always make it a point that I join my colleagues or friends in out of town trips like these. Trips to Kabayan Beach Resort, Subic and Punta De Fabian are just a few destinations I have been to.

And after a couple of years, I'm back to one of the resorts in Laiya, Batangas. With a different group and a different place but nonetheless, worth it.

Moonlight Beach Resort

Owned and operated by Mr. Gerwin De Torres, Moonlight Beach Resort has been quite around for a few years. Located in Laiya in San Juan, Batangas, it is one of the decent but affordable beach resorts in the place.


Almost fronting the beach, Room number 7 was what our money could afford. Although small, but definitely fits around 6-7 people. A tent would be handy if you want to spend the night beside the shore.

There were cookwares like pots and pans that can be easily borrowed from the owner. There is a provided stove if you want to cook your meals during your stay.

The refrigerator, although small, is necessity to keep the beer and drinks cold.

There was a curfew on the usage of the videoke machines, so that after 10 PM you can relax and have a good night sleep.

The staff are courteous and polite. And if you request for something, they are fast and reliable.


If you don't have enough beers, alcoholic drinks or any thing you forgot to bring, there is a store nearby. But the items sold are quite expensive. Make sure you bring everything to save money.

Its usual for the store owner to sell for a price since they are far from the city where they get the goods. But don't overprice it.

The "kubos" and cottages are stood side by side, that its quite difficult to go to the beach and enjoy the view from afar.


On a tight budget, Moonlight Beach Resort is a good catch already. But its not really one of those good resorts in the area. But it is better than Villa Sulit.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my stay here even though Emperador Lights knocked the consciousness out of me.

For those of you that wants to experience the beaches in Laiya, and you are on a budget, I recommend Moonlight Beach Resort is the one.

You can contact the owner on their Facebook page if you want to reserve and see their amenities and rates.

Moonlight Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan Batangas
Rating - Good

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