Isabel Oli

Kayumanggi Appeal

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

It is a common saying that we get whenever we appreciate the beauty of the female species. It is true because men have their own personal preferences.

The girl that might be beautiful to me might not be beautiful to some other men.

But with our featured 9MM Girl, most of the men might agree with me.

Isabel Oli

The youngest from the brood of seven, Isabel Oli hails from Cebu and graduated with a degree on Infromation Technology. She started out her acting career wuth ABS-CBN but it propelled to full stardom when she transferred to GMA 7 with "Sugo" opposite Richard Gutierrez.

I followed her series of TV commercials opposite Piolo Pascual with Max's Fried Chicken Restaurant and ever since then I appreciated her beauty.

So natural, like our 9MM Girl Diana Zubiri.

I seldom catch her on her TV shows but whenever I get the chance, I get affixed by her natural Filipina beauty. Her face radiates her personality of simple yet stunning.

And her smile just amazes me whenever she flashes it. That alone is enough for me.

When she was featured on a men's magazine, my jaw dropped as I gaze upon her seductive side. I didn't realize then how much appeal she was hiding from us men. Good decision for her.

If there's gonna be a checklist for a potential partner, i'd go with Isabel Oli.

A natural "kayumanggi", check. Beautiful face, check. A lovely smile, check. And a petite but luscious body, check. What else could you ask for? If I wasn't married, I'd court her and make her my queen.

Who could resist such an awesome and gorgeous woman like, Isabel Oli?


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