Valerie Garcia

She Bangs!!!

Small but terrible.

This would be a phrase that I often encounter whenever height is concerned.

Honestly, I’m not tall.

But even if God had not given me a fair height so that I can play basketball better, he had given me other ways to show that height doesn’t matter.

Maybe I was asleep when the heavens showered height upon earth. Or maybe I can’t think of a better introduction for this article.

Anyway, I just thought of the phrase that I think describe our featured 9MM Girl

Valerie “Bangs” Garcia

Bangs is a Filipina actress and model. She was first seen on ABS-CBN’s “Kambal Sa Uma” as one of the antagonist. She also appeared in the covers of several men’s magazines and ranks as one of the sexiest women locally.

Aside from the looks of a young girl and a body of a woman, she has this killer dimple that melts men like me from within.

I noticed her presence on the TV series “Palos” but not until I watched the movie “Cinco” where I appreciated her beauty and hot figure. Not mentioning the several poses she made with leading men’s magazine locally.

So after appreciating the beauty of Bangs, I looked at the physical height asset of a woman with a different perspective.

Big, attractive and sexy things come in small packages. How I wish that Bangs would be my present for my birthday. An interview, maybe.


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