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Have you ever come across the phrase, "Keep It Simple, Stupid!"?

That phrase had been inculcated to me since the first time I read or heard about it. I'm not sure if it came from a book, letter, sermon, lesson or whatever, but it stuck into my system.

I love simplicity.

Being simple is not a characteristic or trait. For me, its a way of life. And with this article, I'll share why I've been trying to simplify things for years. Read on...

Less Problem
With simplicity, resolving issues are easy since we eliminated the things that make the problem worse. Its also a good way to block problems in the future,

I don't like problems but when they come, I always take the simple actions and resolve it fast.

When there is simplicity, you tend to slow down. Taking time gives you relaxation and focus on the task at hand. Ergo, resolution is achieved faster and effectively.

If you're a fast-paced person, you become more complex and thus prone to mistakes that are sometimes

But if you're like me that likes to slow down, you deal with the problem one at a time and resolve it according to priority.

Organizing has never been easy with simplicity. I mean if you're a simple person, chances are you own a few things. You only need things and not want it.

You know what is the purpose of each things you own. You develop the sense of satisfaction in yourself.

As for me, I have Happy for computing, Chi - Chi for my phone, Nikole for picture taking and others. I don't need the other stuffs that I don't need.

So if you want to lessen your worries and problems, I have only two words for you...

Be simple.


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