Managing Anger

Streetsmart Guide On Sudden Outburst

In any situation, our emotions change instantly.

We feel sad whenever we hear a sad story. We laugh or we get happy when watch and hear good news Our emotions change abruptly depending on our condition.

But sometimes, we cannot control it. Especially when we are angry.

We tend to hurt other people or ourselves physically, mentally or emotionally when we are overpowered by anger. "Nag dilim and paningin ko..." is the common reason when asked after the deed has been done.

And things cannot be undone when it happens. We say or do things that we regret after doing the deed.

In this article, I would share you my practices on handling situations that can be triggered by anger. Though I'm not a psychiatrist or any behavioral doctor, but these are the things I do whenever I'm in this situation.

Whenever the feeling of anger rises up... I breathe. I take long deep breaths to soothe the feeling of anger away.

I inhale deep and then exhale with force for a few minutes. This way, I feel more relaxed and ready to find the reason why it angered me.

Be Calm
I wait for a few seconds as I breathe. Calmness makes me think or act for the best resolution.

When anger whelm us, our thoughts and actions are disoriented. We tend to resolve it inaccurately and ineffective.

The result might be fatal or incorrect and therefore, makes us more angry.

To remain calm, I think of my family before I act on situations that easily angered me. Its like thinking a "happy thought".

When breathing and calmness cannot resolve the anger, I lean on isolating myself.

Solitude will give you more time to think and lessen the feeling of anger. In this way, you cannot hurt anyone or anything if you are alone.

I usually walk alone, go to the toilet or just go outside to clear out the feeling. Fresh air is always good for a troubled mind.

These are just basic. I use these on simple anger management like when my wife and I have a misunderstanding, people annoyed me or others that initiated anger in me.

If you are a person that easily get angered, aggravated or frustrated... try these simple steps, It definitely works.


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