Hot Moms For Mothers' Day Batch Three

Listing 9MM Blog-zine's Finest Mothers

I believe, mothers are one of the best people in the world.

The reason I say so is because their responsibilities of being a female parent cannot be outdone. They have to be a mother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There's no day off or break or leaves or any rest for them on being a mom.

A mother needs to be there always for her children no matter what.

For this reason, I salute mothers, especially the single moms, that are able to juggle their time between work and family because they are able to sustain the hardships and challenges along the way.

Its not easy to be a mother.

A special salute goes out to moms that stay in figure as years go by. They still look hot and sexy even though they had given birth. Some mothers don't bother to look or fix themselves since they had to devote more time to their children.

This is gonna be the 9MM Blog-zine's third collection of hot moms...

Patricia Javier
One of the sexiest and alluring starlet in the nineties. A member of the defunct That's Entertainment, she is now a mother and based in the US. I was able to meet her personally but unable to get a picture of her. Luckily, I got her sign my magazine.

Alice Dixson
Who would've forgotten the soap commercial that featured her with the line "I can feel it!" From then on, men(I was still a boy that time), can't get enough of Alice Dixson. Even now, I still have a crush on her being a mother and a wife. I was grateful when she returned back. That means, I can see more of her again.

Priscilla Almeda
Her name was Abby Viduya but when she shifted her career to bold, she soared way up. I was fond of watching her titillating movies and men were fantasizing her. Her husband got to be one of the luckiest person to have Priscilla as the mother of their kids.

Carmina Villaroel
Carmina's twins are already almost hoarding all the TV ads. Despite the work, Carmina remained hot as ever. I could still remember how we purchased a showbiz magazine just to get the pinup of her wearing a two piece bathing suit.

Gelli de Belen
Her natural Filipina tone and her mataray attitude gave me the impression that she's my type of girl. The media called her "Tambok Queen" way back and I know she still is. A multi awarded actress and married to Ariel Rivera, there is no doubt she is still a hot mom.

Jean Garcia
Her daughter is now a teenager but she still looks damn hot. Jean is known for her character roles both on movie and television, yet she displays this aura of torridity that even the protagonist cannot resolve. I'm willing to be her slapping buddy if she needs to practice those scenes.

Roxanne Guinoo
Her allure did not go away even now that she is married and a mother. I can still recall when she posed as the White Castle girl and how she manipulated men in her soap "Ligaw Na Bulaklak". Even she would have a dozer kids, my admiration for her would not go away.

Andi Eigenmann
I was about to feature her here when the news came about her pregnancy. With the blood of the Eigenmanns, I was struck by her beauty and attractiveness when she first appeared in her TV series "Agua Bendita". She wore skimpy outfit and always wet with water. Albie is a total idiot and very irresponsible for what he had done to Andi.

So, there you have it. You can check out the first and the second batch by clicking the link under them.

I also want to take this opportunity to greet the two most important mothers for me, my NANAY who still help us in times of need, And my wife, SHANE for being an excellent mother to our beloved Cielo. Happy Mothers' Day!!!

And to all mothers and mothers to be out there, Happy Mothers' Day to all!!!


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