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My Not-So-New Laptop

I have been searching for the longest time for a laptop.

It’s more than a year since I had my own computer and my blog has been surviving using computers in internet cafes. I think it’s about time to have my own.

I need a laptop that can satisfy my blogging and other computing needs. A laptop that can give my family its extra income. A laptop that I can truly call my own.

Since its one in my wish list, I decided to save for it and find a laptop that can handle my needs. Luckily, I found something at


A Celeron running laptop that came from Japan. I don’t know exactly the manufacturer of this laptop but I know it’s from the world’s best.

I got it from a user called angelbeauty090124 from TipidPC.

Since I was happy that day when I purchased the laptop, I named it Happy.


Fast with 1 Gig RAM. Fast for a Celeron processor.

40 Gig of Hard disk is more than enough for me. It can hold much of my stuff (especially porn).

12 inch screen is sufficient for basic image processing and blogging.

It comes with an extra mouse so that I don’t have to use the mouse pad on it.

Happy got a few programs I need so I don’t need to download and install some of it already.


There is no turning back already so I have to deal with its issues. I know it’s old but Happy is still capable of doing my basic computing chores.

Battery is already depleted. Happy can at least last an hour or so on standby.

DVD ROM drive cannot read discs although its detected by the machine. I seldom use it though so its not gonna be a big issue.

Left button below the mouse pad is not working. I use an extra mouse which was already provided by the seller.

No sounds. I guess I need to either buy a sound card or have this re-blasted.


Well, I settled for something less and used so I ended up having these issues. Nonetheless, it’s gonna be a good and just laptop for me.

Hopefully, it won’t give me headaches with the onset tasks I lined up for her.

So, you laptop, I’m baptizing you as Happy and I pray that you’re gonna be blessed by the God Almighty to be a good and providing laptop for Stone-Cold Angel, his family and 9MM-zine, In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost


Japan Laptop
Rating: Very Good / Good


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