Gotohan Sa Barangay

Food Trip In Batangas Part 1

Its been a stressful month for our new team. New metrics, new goals and new people to get accustomed to.

We definitely need a break. And after a week of planning, we decided to get out of town and relieve ourselves with beach and nature.

And the experience was almost perfect.

Usually, we get our stomach filled at Green Ats Bulalohan. But its out of the way, and we need to get our hunger resolved. Fast.

I am gonna be starting this series with the first restaurant we dined in.

Gotohan Sa Barangay

Located in Lipa, Batangas (though I forgot the exact location but Facebook will help you find the place), Gotohan Sa Barangay serves different delicious "goto" you are craving for.


Cool and ambient place. The place can serve up to maybe 50 people at the same time with its up and down house style. We dined at the second floor to see the other views around.

The food was even superb. We used to know that "goto" is served like "lugaw". But here, its all different. It is served like "papaitan". So we ordered some additional rice to resolve our hunger. I ordered the "Sinampalukang Bats and Balls". It was exceptionally great.

My colleagues ordered the other foods on the menu like "Pancit Canton", "Goto Laman" and "Chicharong Bituka" which all tasted great.

The price is also very affordable. Each of the "goto" were around 75 pesos and the rice are at 10 pesos per cup.

The service was good and the waitress that served our food was very courteous.


Flies are everywhere. Most likely because of the food we were eating. Maybe I can suggest for every table, there are some candles to prevent flies from flying around the food. Or maybe an insect repellent.

The next time you get hungry while in Lipa, Batangas, maybe you can try Gotohan Sa Barangay. I would personally recommend that your hunger will be satisfied and your pocket will not be emptied.

Gotohan Sa Barangay
Lipa City, Batangas
Rating - Very Good!


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