Bato Springs Resort

Cool Summer Getaway

As years go by, I am noticing the drastic change in our temperature and humidity.

Summer is getting hotter each year and if the media is telling the truth(not exaggerating), we had reached the highest temperature in Philippine history at 37 degrees Celsius. Its like the whole city had a fever.

But we Filipinos have an easy fix for the summer heat. Halo-halo, shakes, mais con yelo and other iced refreshments to cool down our bodies.

But if the heat still gets to us, there's another way. Go swimming.

I got another chance to get back to one of the places I enjoyed going to every summer.

Bato Springs Resort

Located in San Pablo City in the province of Laguna, Philippines. This will be my fourth time to visit the place and I still want to go back here in the future.


The reason why we kept on getting back here is the spring water. Its undeniably cold. Why would you spend summer on a hot beach where you can get burned by the sun? Here, you can refresh your body with their cold water.

The falls created were absolutely magnificent. I spent most of the time under the falls and let it massage my back and head.

The trees and shrubs surrounding the spring makes you feel closer to nature.

Fees and rentals of the gazebos and cottages are very affordable. The entrance of 70 pesos for adults and 400 pesos for the rental of the cottage we stayed in.

Bato Springs is 2-3 hour drive from Manila so its accessible and very near for outings and team buildings.


The stairs going to the spring are built with stones that has been sharpened by water. We need to be extra careful in going in and out the spring.

The spring bed or the spring floor is quite unclean especially those parts that are not usually hanged out by customers.

There are so many people that day. I guess, the Internet and the word of mouth had made the place popular. They have a Facebook page and you can check out the place and other reviews about them.


A few things had changed since I've been here in Bato Springs. But nonetheless, the cool spring water is what we came for.

We were unable to book for the villas with air-conditioned rooms, so we'll book for it ahead of time.

If you want to beat the summer heat, might as well consider Bato Springs Resort. It has cool water, close to nature, affordable and near Manila.

I'll upload my pictures later.

Bato Springs Resort
San Pablo City, Laguna Philippines
Rating - Very Good


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