Removing Ownership

The internet is a vast and open source of information. It was created that way.

We share and download information like files, ideas, photos, videos and of course, blog over the internet medium. We sometimes get frustrated or bad mouth sites that asks for payment or fees whenever we need something from them.

I am guilty on this accusations because I download applications, pictures, music and videos through torrents and other sites. And I don't want to be charged a penny for it.

I maybe a cheapskate, but I am not a hypocrite.

For more than three years, I have been using Blogger to bring you 9MM Blog-zine and Copyscape to protect my articles from plagiarism and copyright issues.

Not anymore.

Removing Copyright

I made the decision to uncopyright 9MM Blog-zine.

I have come to this resolution because I wanted to make this blog free for its readers (if there are any) so that they can use it however they want.

There are several things I considered before I made the conclusion. For this, I will only list three major points. Here they are:

Open Source

It is my opinion that everything we put on the internet can be accessed by anyone. Even if it was saved privately, it can still be hacked and can be shared to anyone.

I also believe that if I don't want to share my most precious work, ideas, photos or videos, I don't share it. I have it copyrighted or printed out so that I can hold on to the right of ownership.

So in order to minimize the issue, I decided to remove the copyright.

Given Freely

All contents on the internet should be given freely. I am not making any money out of this blog so I think I should give it back.

I just wanted to give out and share the things I learned along the road called life so why bother putting it on copyright laws that only corporations will profit.

Anyway, copyright is suppose to protect an artist or, in my case, a blogger, from piracy or plagiarism. I'm not a good writer so I guess its just right not to own the articles and things I share here.

Unlimited Shares

The articles posted here will be shared throughout the internet using some of the state of the art "bots". And I think that will be a good strategy to spread out the articles shared here throughout the internet.

Even though it might have an impact on my Google Pagerank going down, but who cares. It doesn't help this blog at all.

Credit and Share

Although there are no agreements or whatsoever, I only ask for two things from my readers and those that will be using the contents here. First, I ask only to credit this page and/or direct readers back here. I also don't mind if you don't.

And the other one will be sharing this blog on social medias like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This will help the site gain its traffic. Liking it on Facebook would also help promote this page.

So from here on, this blog is now officially uncopyrighted and is released to the public domain. You can email, repost, edit or share it. Whatever you want from it.



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