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The Philippine comic business is not as good as their counterpart in United States.

The comic business here, for some reason, went out around the 90's. I can still remember that I used to read Funny Komiks featuring Combatron, Eklok or Niknok and Planet Op Di Eyps.

I also remember that I used to read some other local comics that are published weekly.

I thought Filipino comics will be gone forever.

But thanks to some artists that thrives to make the industry go back on track. And for this article, I'll share you one of the great Filipino comics ever created.


Created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. A compilation of several short stories about Alexandra Trese, along with the "Kambal", fight the underworld of dwendes, tikbalang, aswangs and other entities that crosses the world of the living.

Trese has already released four books published by Visprint and available locally at all leading bookstores and comic stores nationwide.


Kudos to Budjette for making the universe of Trese and the cases she solves in every story. The stories are excellently told and the characters had their own unique role in the comics.

Kajo delivered the artwork superbly. I guess it was justified to have it done in B&W for the darker undertone of the comic.

The Kambals are my most favorite characters in the series.

All four of the books are more easily found on comics stores than in bookstores. I need to be a treasure hunter to find local comics like these in bookstores.


I don't have anything to say bad about the four Trese books. I guess maybe they have come up with a regular monthly issue of the comic instead of having it compiled in a book.

As a fan, I am much excited of the next issue. Its much better to wait for a month instead of waiting without any idea when.

I would be one happy fan if a monthly series would become a reality for Trese.


I first read about Trese comics in one of the issue of Rogue magazine. It took me about a year to purchase my own copies of it. It was better late than never.

Comics in the Philippines is still alive. Thanks to guys like Budjette, Kajo, Gerry Alanguilan, Paolo Fabregas and other comic artists and creators out there that keeps the flame burning.

A job well done!

Trese Book 1 Murder On Balete Drive
Trese Book 2 Unreported Murders
Trese Book 3 Mass Murders
Trese Book 4 Last Seen After Midnight
Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo
Rating - All Very Good


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Trese Trese Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 9:00 PM Rating: 5

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